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November 19:

If you’re interested in the interiors of Quantum, check out this post.


In other news, during the christening ceremony, Royal Caribbean announced that elements of Quantum will be rolled out fleet wide. The RFID Wow bands and the robotic bartenders will be a staple of all new ships.
Dynamic dining will be broadened to other ships (which ones and when are unknown.) The ships high speed internet network configuration will be rolled out fleet wide as well.

November 18:

Quantum has just arrived back in Cape Liberty. She leaves today on a 3 night cruise to nowhere and again on November 21 for a 2 night cruise to nowhere. Her inaugural cruise is on November 23rd. It’s an 8-night Bahamas cruise to Port Canaveral, Nassau, and Cococay.

Here are some highlights from the christening.

November 17:



November 15:

Quantum is on another short press cruise. This time they invited a broader range of guests from various media outlets, including mainstream and tech sites.

The North Star A photo posted by David Pierce (@piercedavid) on

Home for the weekend

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Royal Caribbean’s President & CEO Adam Goldstein is challenging passengers to table tennis on the Quantum right now. Love this!

November 14:

Quantum has returned to NY/NJ and is now safely berthed at Cape Liberty. Today she’ll be christened and it seems Royal Caribbean is in full PR mode. She was featured on several local news stations.


November 13:


Quantum continues her 2-night cruise-to-nowhere. She’s basically just doing circles off of New Jersey.

November 12:

The #NewYork skyline from the #QuantumOfTheSeas.

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Quantum has just departed on a two night preview cruise for media and invited guests. She’ll return on Friday, in time for her christening ceremonies.


November 11:

The christening of the vessel is scheduled for Friday November 14th.


November 10:

Quantum of the Seas has officially arrived in the states. She sailed under the Verrazano at 0528 local time then went up the harbor. She passed her terminal in Cape Liberty at 0542 local time. The Captain arranged for a special sail-by of the Statue of Liberty. That took place around 0605. Right after, she turned around and headed back to her berth. She safely moored there at 0650.

On approach to the Verrazano.

From the Bridge. Sailing towards the Statue of Liberty, facing downtown Manhattan.

Statue of Liberty


My girlfriends workplace is pretty freaking cool! #royalcaribbean #quantumoftheseas #cruiseship @nikki_croker A video posted by Nathan Keen (@nateckeen) on

November 9:

Quantum is now appearing on AIS off of Long Island.

via MarineTraffic

November 7:

Here are the best photo tours of the Quantum I’ve been able to find.

Glass Covered Pool by Robert (click on the photo to view his full album)

Flickr user Robert

Royal Esplanade by David Fiske (click on the photo to view his full album)

Flickr user David Fiske

November 5:

So maybe the next stop wasn’t Cape Liberty. Quantum has made an unscheduled stop in the Azores to disembark a pax with a medical emergency.

November 2:

Quantum has just departed Southampton. Next stop, Cape Liberty!
According to the vessels latest:

Destination BAYONNE
ETA 2014-11-10 03:30 UTC

Photo below courtesy of our friend MaritimeGeek.


November 1:

Welcome to November everyone. The Quantum departed Southampton last night on her inaugural trip with pax. It’s just a quick 2 night press, invite-only shakedown cruise. I’ll start posting galleries of her interiors shortly.


October 29:

UPDATE: Here’s a sneak peek at the completed Two70° entertainment venue.

Quantum of the Seas was officially handed over today and she is currently sailing into Southampton, England.