Royal Caribbean Protests David Beckham Stadium Proposal


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If former international footballer David Beckham gets his way, a $200 million sports/resort complex will be constructed on Miami’s Dodge island. Also on Dodge island; virtually the entirety of the Port of Miami. Including over a half dozen passenger terminals, plenty of layberths and the container terminal. Also present are two buildings that comprise Royal Caribbean headquarters.

This week, Royal Caribbean has officially come out in opposition of the project. As part of an ‘alliance’ of other parties interested in seeing this proposal vanish, they took out a full page ad in the Miami herald :

We cannot jeopardize well-paying jobs, like crane operators, longshore workers, and mechanics, for low-paying stadium jobs, such as concession sales.

Opponents of the project include Royal Caribbean, the ILA (International Longshoremen’s Association), two stevedore companies, and the former one-time owner of Philadelphia Eagles who is now a high profile car dealership owner.

If successful, Beckham and co., plan on building a 25,000 seat stadium as well as a hotel, shops and offices. They will also create a major league soccer team for Miami that would play in that stadium.

Neisen Kasdin, the attorney and advisor for the group:  The plan doesn’t interfere with port operations. It will likely generate more revenue for the port in the shorter term than other concepts that have been discussed.

Imagine a scenario where both soccer fans and cruise guests rush to Dodge Island, all at the same time. What a mess…