Its being reported that while undergoing her bunkering operation in the Falkland Islands, the barge allided with the Celebrity Century. There was one lifeboat davit that was damaged. They were eventually able to repair it and the ship sailed at around 3am.

Celebrity Cruises Statement:

Yesterday the mechanism that holds one of our tender boats was damaged by a local bunker barge while we were alongside in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands. Throughout the night, our technical team onboard worked on the impaired davit, which needed to be secured to the vessel in order to ensure a safe onward passage. Once this essential work was completed, we were able to depart Port Stanley.

The ship is currently enroute to Antarctica for the continuation of her cruise.

Allide is a nautical term of art. It means a collision between one moving object and one stationary one. A collision is when two moving objects strike each other.