UPDATE December 26: MSC and Fincantieri have announced that they came to an agreement on a €200m program to refit and stretch the 4 Liricia class ships. They will add the rumored 200 cabins to each ship via a stretching. The ship will be cut in two and a new mid section will be floated in and they’ll weld it all up. The midsection will be roughly 20m long and comes in at around 5,000GT.

Additional features will include the addition of a waterpark and a high end retail center featuring Dior, Lancôme and Dolce & Gabbana.

Heres the schedule:


  • MSC Armonia August 31 – November 17


  • MSC Sinfonia January 12 – March 1
  • MSC Opera May 2 – July 4
  • MSC Lirica August 21 – November 9
Originally Published on Nov 27, 2013 @ 14:07

MSC has announced that they will be adding 200 staterooms to the ship. Cruise Industry News is reporting that she will be lengthened (or stretched) to accommodate it. Not too many further details are known at this point. The refurbishment will take place in late 2014.