After 19 hours, the the Parbuckling is done. Originally planned as a 10 hour operation, the salvage team ran into some snags and it went slower than anticipated.

We can now see what 20 months under water did to her starboard side. And its not pretty. Most of the damage is just the balcony decking getting smashed between the rocky shore and the ships superstructure. One of the side views (the middle photo below) makes it appear that the aft part is collapsing, however that doesn’t appear to be the case. (2) Italy Ship Aground

Tony Gentile/Reuters

AP Andrew Medichini/AP

Today also comes with news that according to sources, Carnival Corp has settled claims with 80% of the passengers from the Concordia.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the entire operation. You’ll note towards the end that the operations speeds up. That because gravity has set in and there’s no turning back then.