Venice, Italy has always had an on-again-off-again relationship with the cruise industry. Venice is a huge turnaround and overnight port on Mediterranean cruises. As ship get bigger, they are bringing more and more people to the Italian city. A local group of activists have made their voices heard in the past few years saying they want the ships gone. Outside of the fact that this is a ridiculous demand, I just don’t see how Venice even lets this slip through their government. Its this same government that collects significant revenue on taxes from these same ships they are trying to ban, not to mention the money these pax spend ashore.

If the Venetian mayor has his way, all ships next year will have to berth in Port Marghera, then take a half hour land transfer to Venice.


Current Route ~7mi

Proposed Route~11nm

Andrea Orlando, Italian Environment Minister, will put a bill in front of parliament in October to start the discussion.