The recently purchased m/s Bimini Superferry is currently stuck in the Port of Miami without the ability to transport passengers. Intended to shuttle guests back and forth to the brand new Resorts World Bimini (Owned by Genting Group of Malaysia who happen to own NCL), the ship failed a US Coast Guard COC inspection prior to her maiden run last Friday. COC stands for Certificate of Compliance. It’s a certification that all vessels must have when entering US ports for the first time. Its mostly regulatory stuff including, but not limited to, checking the ships books, testing fire equipment, and mustering the crew for safety drills. In this case, it appears the crew fell short on that last note. Reports are that the ship failed to meet the USCG requirement that crew must be able to get all pax off the ship in under 30-minutes.

As of this morning she is still tied up in Miami.

Not a god start to the always troubled South Florida-Bahamas ferry runs.

photo via miami herald