Carnival Triumph will be towed to Mobile, Alabama. Stating strong currents that have been pushing the ship 90 miles north, as well as the easier debarkation point for pax, Carnival decided to alter their original plan.

So far only one tugboat is on the scene, and the second should be arriving shortly. That means they still haven’t begun to tow the vessel yet. Giving an ETA into mobile of Thursday.

A stock analyst (take this with a grain of salt) stated that this could cost Carnival upwards of $80 million in reimbursements and repairs to the ship. Though what a stock analyst knows about repairing a maritime engine, I haven’t the slightest clue. He also seems to forget that Carnival’s P&I club (maritime insurance) will certainly help them out.

Carnival stated in their morning press release that the second tug has just arrived. Carnival will be flying all pax from Mobile to Houston.

Vessel should be under tow by now.

…this is a developing story and will be updated throughout the morning.



photo via uscg