Last week we followed the STX Yards and Finnish Government meetings. Well, the results are out, and its a fairly positive one. However there are some short comings.

STX had asked for 50 million Euros to help secure the Oasis contract. It is now being reported that while a loan has in fact been granted, its not for the full 50 million. There are some dispute to the actual amounts. This info really isn’t public knowledge, at least not yet. The secrecy and disputed numbers do in fact make sense.

Either way, bizjournals is reporting STX will get 28 million euros whereas CruiseIndustryNews is reporting that STX will get 44 million euros.

If in fact, this amount is not enough to secure the contract, I would bet that the only other yard that could take it is STX France in Saint-Nazaire. The massive drydock at the old Chantiers de l’Atlantique should easily handle the Oasis.

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