Several Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have created the startup Blueseed. They plan on building a ship and having it anchor 12 miles off of California (which is pretty deep water BTW) and having internet start up, well, start up there. The reason is it would allow the “smartest and brightest minds” to come together in a closed environmental. The other reason they state is so that they are outose american laws as the vessel wile be in international waters.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

Imagine a community that gathered one thousand of the boldest, brightest, and most talented tech entrepreneurs from around the world. Now imagine that this community was a part of Silicon Valley, the best place to scale a high-tech company… Well, that dream is becoming a reality.

Now that may sound good and all, but I know most entrepreneurs that start up their own internet company may me mildly insane.  This idea may be the dumbest I’ve ever heard. Its almost like they NEVER consulted a single maritime expert to gauge the validity of the project.

Check out their concept vessels. They say they will start the project in 2014. Good luck trying to find a shipyard that has an empty orderbook!

via The Verge