Allure’s sister, Oasis is currently docked in Port Everglades.

Last night news broke via CruiseLaw and the AP that a small fire in the engine room broke out on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. The Allure, which shares the title of worlds largest cruise ship, was sailing back to Florida from St. Maarten on the last leg of a 7-night Eastern Caribbean cruise. She will arrive Sunday morning.

A Royal Caribbean spokes person stated shortly thereafter, that the fire was “small and short-lived.” The ship onboard fire suppressant kicked in extinguished the fire almost instantly.

While the fire was short lived, it did allow enough time for this black smoke to be seen coming from the ships funnels. CruiseLaw was reporting that there was some panic onboard, but that can be expected given the recent events in the cruise industry. It should be noted that people’s perception of the term panic differs greatly.