Costa and local Italian officials announced today that they have finally pumped all bunkers (fuel) out of the ship. The operation began on February 12th and workers have been removing the fuel oil  around the clock ever since. Total cost of the operation is said to be in the couple of million euros.

Costa President Gianni Onorato":

“After the tragic incident involving the Costa Concordia, we took immediate action in order to guarantee the least possible environmental impact and protect the environment of Giglio and the island’s economy and tourism industry, working in full cooperation with the Emergency Commissioner’s Office and the Municipality of Giglio. We appointed the world’s leading salvage company to carry out the defueling operation, and this has been done successfully, preventing a potential ecological disaster. We are very pleased with this result, and we will continue to work with the same commitment during the next stages of the salvage mission; no effort will be spared until all the necessary work has been completed.”