We have our first CruiseShipping Miami announcement. Princess announced that their newest 141,000grt ship the Royal Princess have a revamped Dining experience.

The Horizon Court buffet will feature new venues with new cuisine options.They include a taqueria, rotissseie, a sandwich shop and a Japanese hibachi grill.  During the night the Horizon Buffet will become the ‘Horizon Bistro.’ The venue will circulate themes each night of the cruise. Princess teased options that would include a Brazilian-style churasscaria one night, a British pub the next.

Premium options (think addt’l fee) include a "crab shack," a fondue area and a pastry shop.

Rai Caluori, Princess’ executive vice president of fleet operations [regarding the decision to charge for these three]:

"It’s not really done for revenue purposes — it’s done for controlling demand"

for some reason I do not believe him.

Princess will also enhance their main dinning experience by rethinking their Chef’s Table offering. Guests who pay $95 per person (including wine) will be served a dinner exclusively prepared by the executive chef. Onboard the Royal Princess, guests will be treated to a "curtain of light." This surrounds the diners and creates a private, softly lit space in the center of the main dining room. I get the feeling this only ostracizes those privlidged enough to enjoy it. 1%-ers anyone. (In the intrest of full disclusure however, this experience sounds like something I’d enjoy.)

Lastly, Princess announced that they will pair a bar with each specialty restaurant. The Wheelhouse Pub, a British themed bar will be paired up with the Crown Grill. Their famous Italian eatery Sabatini’s will be grouped with Vines, the ship’s wine bar.

The vessel will debut in Europe in June 2013.