In 2011 CLIA ships carried 16 million pax world wide

Howard Frank, COO Carnival Corp. spoke about the Concordia disaster and praised the Costa management team and crew as heroes. “I couldn’t be more proud of the Costa organization” He also mentioned that every day at work, he wears a Costa pin on his lapel.

Frank Again: the crew of the Costa Concordia are true heroes

Holland America CEO Stein Kruse reassures the audience cruising is safe (Is there any doubt from attendees?). The industry as a whole just needs to do a better job of explaining it.

NCL’s Kevin Sheehan and Celebrity’s Dan Hanrahan reinforce the training that all crew must go through.

Dan Hanrahan: Examples are passenger assistance, crowd management, safety, and environmental

HAL CEO Stein Kruse states that Cruise Industry regulation via SOLAS is enforced by USCG. Kinda an odd statement since vsl not sailing from US ports have no USCG interaction. AND SOLAS is an IMO regulation and IMO is a UN organization.

And now its just becoming quite the gush-fest of how safe the industry is. Nothing interesting so far.

Now they are going on about social responsibilities and how great they are for local port economies.

MSC Cruises CEO Pierfrancesco Vago mentions that European’s generally get 45 days vacation time, therefore it’s a strategic advantage. Good Point!

Fun Fact: by 2013 there will be 231 CLIA Cruise Ships out there.

And my highlight:

photo via shannonlane