I got suspicious reading a story about “Are Cruise Ships Safe?” on MyCruiseStories. So I started to investigate. I first noticed that all the images are hyperlinked to a huntsvillegrapevine.com blog. So as a proper journalist, I decided to investigate it. Little did I know, I’d be surprised at what I found.

image From:
My Cruise Stories
Mikey’s Cruise Blog
Huntsville Grapevine

From the looks of it, it’s supposedly a Guest Blog entry from a Captain John L. Beath of My Travel Tastes. Only thing is, Guest Blog entries are always going to original content and not just ‘copied’ from other posts. You be the judge. Is there something fishy here?

Digging even deeper by looking at the HTML of the site I see my above suspicions about the photos are correct. Using the My Cruise Stories site as an example: the image code is in blue. Notice 3 of them are from Grapevine without and note of contribution or any reference to the actual source.


2 Responses

  1. Mikey Faust

    I would like to point out that it was my understanding that I was to use this post as a guest post on my blog. The wording of the message I received from Capt. Beath seemed to suggest that he wanted this post used as guest blog on my blog. Also, I assumed that the pictures were his as they were part of his post. I am going to remove the post from my blog, just to be sure.

    • Greg

      Hi Mikey,
      I just want to preface this as I mean to cause no ill intent with this post. It was just something that struck me as odd and this post is just what I uncovered.
      In fact, I even modified the title and took out the Plagiarism part in the title as it seems that everyone was unaware.
      Enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.