• Death toll now up to 13
  • The passenger was found on submerged deck near the bow of the vessel
  • Number of missing now at 20
  • Divers entered the Captain’s cabin and according to Italian news agency ANSA, removed his safe and two suitcases
  • According to MSNBC, the Captain immediately knew he was in trouble after striking the rocks:

Via cell, Schettino to Roberto Ferrarini (marine operations director for Costa Cruises): “I’ve got myself into a mess, there was contact with the seabed. I am telling you the truth, we passed under Giglio and there was an impact.”

“I can’t remember how many times I called him in the following hour and 15 minutes. In any case, I am certain that I informed Ferrarini about everything in real time,” he said, adding he had asked the company to send tug boats and helicopters.

If the above is true then it very well could indicate that no one though the problem was that serious. If that’s the case, then it explains a lot about the delayed response. Perhaps the Captain and the senior officers were unable to to make an accurate assessment of the situation from their standpoint.