Here’s todays top stories:

  • The death toll is now at 11, with 6 more bodies recovered today.
  • Divers have had to blow holes in he parts of the superstructure underwater.
  • Surveyors are on site in anticipation of salvage crew arrival in the furute. Famed Smit in the Netherlands have won the bid.
  • There have been reports of leakage of some sorts from the ship. Nothing major yet, but just another thing to contend with.
  • Surveyors are worried that the Concordia is still not stable at her current resting spot. They still need to continue studying the vessel to make a better assessment of the situation.
  • British Daily Mail has a story about “Italy’s Most Hated Man.” Including some crazy claims. They seem almost tabloid-ish so to keep with the journalistic integrity of the site I wont post them. But you be the judge.

As always, Photos after the break