gCaptain has the full email (NSFW-L). Here are some highlights:

“‘We evacuated 4000 people in the dark, with the ship inclined on it’s side, in less than two hours!  Those who are “incompetent” are not able to do this. It is not true that the captain was first to leave the ship. I was on the last boat and he remained attached to the railing of deck 3, while the ship was sinking.”

“We pulled a lot of guests into the lifeboat who had ended up in the sea, and as we undressed a girl in wet clothes to cover her with a blanket, a guest filmed us with his phone! Shame on you! We executed a rescue operation at sea, and as we pulled another gentleman out of the water, me with a rope tied around my wrist for more strength to pull him up, another man was taking pictures! Shame on you!

“4000 PEOPLE IN TWO HOURS, IN THE DARK … with the ship tilted, we took them WE, THE STAFF CONCORDIA TO SHORE.”

“Shame on you!!”