With Tropical Storm Rina Forecast to becoming Hurricane, time to reopen the CruiseInd Hurricane Center.


UPDATE Tuesday:


Celebrity Millennium from Miami, will skip Grand Cayman and spend today at sea and then call Nassau tomorrow.


In addition to the Inspiration, here are other alterations,

Carnival Freedom from Fort Lauderdale, will sail Montego Bay on Wednesday, at Sea Thursday and Grand Turk Friday instead of Limon, Colon, and at sea.

Carnival Imagination from Miami, will stay at sea Wednesday then sail Nassau Thursday instead of Cozumel and a day at sea.

Carnival Liberty from Miami, will sail Ocho Rios Wednesday and Grand Turk Thursday instead of  in Grand Cayman then Ocho Rios.

Carnival Legend from Tampa, will reverse its calls on Belize and Cozumel Tuesday and Wednesday and then sail Prograsso and then at sea Thursday and Friday instead of  Roatan and Grand Cayman.

Carnival Triumph from Galveston, will reverse her calls and now sail Cozumel then Progresso.

Carnival Valor from Miami, will stay at sea Wednesday and Anchor at Grand Cayman Thursday instead of Belize and a day at sea.

Carnival Inspiration from Tampa. Will sail Cozumel and Progresso instead of grand Cayman then Cozumel.