ISP,The Owner of the Ocean Pearl and Gemini, have released a statement in the wake of negative press from crew onboard. They state that the Vessels are alongside Gibraltar. They chartered 2 Airbus a320’s to fly the crew to London to repatriate them there.

Someone’s lying here.

Nils-Erik Lund, managing director of ISP told Cruise Business Online:

All crewmembers are being treated well, and there is more than sufficient food onboard. There are no health issues onboard.

UPDATE: AIS tracking would confirm that the vessels are indeed in the Iberian port. They arrived Saturday October 1.

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  1. Crewmember

    How long will it take to send the Gemini crew back to their home after paying their due salary and ticket. we worked so hard on the ship, gave our best to the company and the guest and is this the way we are treated? Why are we kept at the port rather than sending us back home. This is leading us and our family member to tension and depression.Will the company compensate us for the mental agony we and our family going thru?