According to Carnival’s PR Puppet  in an offensive video just posted on youtube,  the event will be later today at an NYC club.

Given Carnival’s past history of letdowns, I don’t believe anything big will happen, But if they want to keep up with the media headliners, NCL and RCCL, they better plan something here.

The rumors trickling out are that its going to be about new entertainment options onboard their ships. Time will tell.

1:09pm- Other rumors have the Carnival liberty Getting a Serenity Deck

1:12pm- And its begun 

1:15pm- CEO Gerry Cahill and John Heald is on the stage 

1:18pm- Supposedly Guy Fieri and George Lopez are there….don’t quote me on that one 

1:21pm- Cahill is discussing the Magic 


1:25pm- Fun Ship 2.0 is here! Sounds like a website or new iPhone.

1:25pm- $500 million in refurbishments

1:26pm- Here come the announcments

1:27pm- Blue Iguana Mexican restaurant

1:28pm– Now this is starting to make sense. Next venue is Guy Fieri’s Burger Shack.

1:29pm- Personally I’d prefer an Adam Richman burger shack. Think of how big those burgers would be Winking smile

1:28pm– Guy Fieri saying the typical schpeel of how cruising inspired him to make this restaurant……

1:33pm– “Guy’s Burger Joint”

1:36pm– This ones interesting: Red Frog Rum Bar and Blue Iguana Tequilla Bar. Located both will be located poolside.

1:38pm– Catering to all my fellow Geeks, the EA Sports Bar

1:38pm– Alchemy Bar. A make your own Drinks bar. I better get discounts on drinks since I’m not paying to have a bar tender to make it!

1:39pm– The Library Bar. Wine vending machines. So people will be reading while intoxicated. Doesn’t sound pleasing.

1:40pm– Now onto Entertainment…Hasbro Game Show at Sea, First of its kind apparently

1:42pm– Playlist Productions will be the provider of entertainment(shows?) onboard

1:43pm– Punchliner Comedy Club. George Lopez to present that

1:44pm– George Lopez will be the official Curator of Comedy

1:46pm– Ok it looks like these are all Coming to the Liberty in the upcoming drydock but expect it to roll out fleet wide by 2015.

1:46pm– First ever DJ of Carnival DJ IRIE

1:48pm– Cahill back to talk about the ship now

1:49pm– As I reported eariler, Liberty to be the Launch ship. 2012 Breeze, Conquest, Glory. 2013 Destiny, Legend, Pride, Victory. 2014 Elation, Freedom, Triumph, Valor. 2015 Magic, Paradise

1:53pm– Looks like that’s it. Q&A session time now

1:57pm– Punchliner Comedy Club will feature a brunch! how random

2:01pm– Guys Burger Shack will have a veggie burger

2:03pmWanna see what the burgers look like??

 2:07pm– Ok that looks like it!

Thanks for following. What new venue so far is your favorite?

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