What a crazy 3 days its been.

Here’s a recap of what we’ve seen so far:

TUI’s Newbuild which was the Buzz of the Conference

MSC Negotiating 2-ship Order Plus Former Lybian Ship

Seatrade Europe Day 1 Recap: TUI, MSC and AIDA

River Cruise Panel from Seatrade Europe

Cruise Europe celebrated its 20th anniversary

Yard Execs Criticize Japan’s Mitsubishi on AIDA pricing

Seatrade Europe: River Cruises Part II


Now lets look at our checklist and see how I did:

  • Perhaps we will see if anything will come out of the Mysterious TUI newbuild
    • We certainly did
  • Perhaps we will see someone *cough* MSC *cough* purchase the partially constructed Libyan ship sitting in France.
    • While MSC didn’t finalize the order in time, they still made it clear they were going to be the buyers.
  • More renders of the Royal Princess
    • Big NOPE on that one
  • Announcements regarding future European Deployments
    • Yup. Well ok it was just Princess and when I wore this I was thinking perhaps more lines would take advantage of this venue. But its still technically true right?
  • And finally some River Cruising news
    • And boy did we ever. Just like at the worlds first ever River Cruise Day


So not bad, 4/5. Its still an 80% right?