In what is my most memorable photo from that timeframe, the SS Norway sails on what was her supposed last transatlantic from New York. The photo above was taken in the afternoon on September 5, 2001. Many say that she was the last cruise ship to sail by the Twin Towers, it was actually the Royal Princess.

The Princess ship was in port for her annual Canada New England cruise and had arrived Monday September 10th, 2001. The above photo is from said date. Both photos come from the famous World Ship Society. They are a group of ship enthusiasts that meet in New York City, wish they had one of those in Houston. They wrote up this excellent piece detailing the finals days of the World Trade Center and the Ships that sailed past them.

NOTE: One part of that story is inaccurate though. The Royal Princess was not in NYC for a rare visit. She annually sailed out of the Manhattan piers for 4-6 Canada & New England voyagers every September-October. She was replaced shortly thereafter buy the Crown Princess {1990-built}.