American Cruise Lines, the leader in small ship cruising, announced today the launching of the Queen of the Mississippi, a magnificent brand new sternwheeler built for the Mississippi.  At Chesapeake Shipbuilding in Maryland on Sunday, July 17, the launching went picture perfect at nine weeks ahead of schedule.  Immediately after the launching, tugboats skillfully nudged the new riverboat into Chesapeake Shipbuilding’s Outfitting Basin Number 2 where the upper decks and outfitting will be completed.

“The birth of a new ship is a significant milestone,” said Timothy Beebe, Vice President, American Cruise Lines. “Watching the Queen of the Mississippi come to life is a fascinating experience. It’s history in the making and we encourage everyone to tune in as construction proceeds.”

The launching comes just a few weeks after the joining of the two hull sections, weighing at almost 500 tons apiece.  With the completion of the fourth and fifth decks up next, Queen of the Mississippi’s superstructure will come together quickly, giving shape to the first riverboat built for the Mississippi in many, many years, and the grandest ever!