Troubled cruise line Pearl Seas Cruises has yet hit another bump in the road. The way over budget, horribly delayed small ship Pearl Mist, has been “Rejected.” You may remember the tradition in the maritime industry where the line, Cunard, NCL, Royal Caribbean, will formally take delivery of the QE, Epic, and Oasis respectively. It essentially is the line accepting the hard work of the shipyard and agreeing to fork over the hundreds on millions or even a billion of dollars. Prior to this transaction, the Line will do thorough reviews of the ship to make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

Well up in Halifax, Pearl Seas wasn’t happy that the ship failed to meet up to classification society requirements and have essentially told the yard were not paying until the ship is up to code. The ship will have to be delayed once again, the 210-pax ship was supposed to enter service in 2009.

Not surprising the line and shipyard are in litigation. Pearl Seas Cruises is the foreign flagged subsidiary of American flagged American Cruise Line.

Odd Note: I can’t seem to find the name Pearl Mist anywhere in the Pearl Seas Cruises website. She is their only ship!