You may be saying, “why is this being posted on CruiseInd. Shouldn’t this be posted on a site like” Well if by golf course, I mean the one on Oasis of the Seas, then I believe this is the right place. The owl was a member of Florida’s rare burrowing Owl species. Due to their rare nature, they are protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act. This being the case, crew couldn’t just “shoo” it away. Officials from Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Commission were called in to safely remove the bird and return it to its natural habitat. Photo after the break:

News_10_S_BurrowOwlCruiseShip4_small[1]Image from CBS 4

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  1. Cruises Fan

    Maybe the owl was a cruise fan like us and wanted a break???

    I hope Royal Caribbean Cruises didnt charge him for tips. lol