Earlier this week there was the Pacific Sun video that went viral. This got me thinking. I recall seeing some very amazing videos buried in youtube. I figured my readers would like to see them, so I did all the hard work for you. Here is my top list of dramatic cruise ship videos. {some videos may contain a little NSFW}

  1. Here is the Voyager during the Semester at Sea program. Taken from a SAR helicopter as it was standing close by in case things went south.
  2. Here is a European Ferry from Moby in rough seas. Crazy EuroTrance music accompanies it.
  3. Here is a very recent one from the Louis Majesty that struck a rogue wave killing two.
  4. Here is the QE2 in 2007 off of Canada
  5. This one starts out innocently as P&O’s Adonia, current Sea Princess of Princess Cruises, is sailing and the all of a sudden…
  6. And finally are these dramatic videos from the Crown Princess when she executed a very hard turn and the ship listed ~24o to starboard. Some of these videos can be alraming but there were no serious injuries and no one died. Here is one source. There are 7 total. Below is the most shocking.
  7. Here is another one.