Allow me to explain.

Spanish line Pullmantur’s Pacific Dream (ex. Island Star, Horizon) suffered a rather severe engine problem last week. Two cruises have had to be cancelled. Rumors are floating around that even a drydock may need to occur. Pretty severe.

Meanwhile, the Madrid  headquartered line has the Atlantic Star (ex. Sky Wonder, Pacific Sky, Sky Princess, FairSky) laid up(docked, not active) in Marseille, France. The line has just announced that starting August 29th, the Atlantic Star will be reactivated.

Now the ironic part of this all, is that the Atlantic Star has become famous for having constant engine problems dating back to her Sky Princess days. It was partly why she was laid up in the first place. So she is coming back into service to replace a broken ship. If that’s not irony, I don’t know what is.