This may not be considered your typical cruise ship, but The World is sort of close. You may recall the World of ResidentSea, is the “condo ship” that sails millionaires around the world, all while staying in the comfort of private residences.

CruiseNewsDaily Posts an interesting photo from their archives.


This is how she was intended to be. And this is how she came out:

Ship Photo THE WORLD[1]

Intending to be around 80,000 grt she turned out to be only 40,000grt. I never did get a clear explanation of what when wrong and how she came out so different. But I guess that is the way of concept ships. Remember she is the first ship to try this out.

But hey, at least they will never get any money to build the Freedom Ship.

source Cruise News Daily

Top photo CND

Bottom photo Shipspotting

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  1. Lea Harris

    I am interested in subletting or renting a condo or room on the Residensea. I would like a room that would allow a dog. Do they allow dogs on any of the ships? It would be for 2 retired women and one well trained adult dog. Thank you. Lea Harris