Galveston Harbor House

I should have noticed something was up today when I checked the Galveston cam and saw that the Ecstasy was in Galveston on a Friday. Being able to see the Ecstasy walking to class and around campus at my alma mater, every Saturday, Monday, or Thursday, you gets used to associating those days with that vessel.

The reason: Galveston pilots refused to board her. Hurricane now tropical storm Alex has been pounding this area with rain and some wind. The storm is well south but the north part is carrying quite the punch. It is even effecting the oil spill in LA.

Carnival is providing assistance to those onboard last night and those stranded on the Island. They also are giving those that were supposed to have boarded the option to cancel.

2 Responses

  1. Cruises

    I guess that is the risk that you take when you cruising the Caribbean islands during hurricane season. Although the cruise may be cheap you end up worrying whether your holiday will get ruined or not.

    • Greg

      Couldn’t that also be the excitement of cruising during that time frame. You could wind up with a couple extra days at sea. On the contrary you could also have a cruise that leaves a day late.
      Just make sure your air arrangements are through the cruise line or you have insurance 🙂