UPDATE SATURDAY: According to two comments below, the ship was not evacuated in Cadiz. Here is where I got the false information:
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Thanks to Rosie and fudge for keeping us informed

UPDATE: This gets weird, according to British news, the ship was evacuated. This doesn’t mean a) lifeboats were used as she was docked in Spain or b) there was any breach of the integrity of the ship. It was only a precaution that the Captain took. The belief was that the best way to prevent spreading was to get everyone off, then send in cleaning crews. Only time will tell if this strategy works.

BTW, passengers are now back on and we’ll see if it worked.



Norovirus has struck onboard the Independence of the Seas. The Royal Caribbean vessel was originally thought to have 25 cases, but that has now risen to 134 passengers. The ship is sailing with over 3,800 guests on a 14-night voyage roundtrip from Southampton, England. The ship was in Cadiz, Spain.

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source Dagbladet.no

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  1. rosieruffles


    Just got off Indy and I can confirm that the ship was not evacuated at any stage during the cruise. On arrival in Cadiz the crew were not allowed off the ship in order to clean it from top to bottom – but passengers were not forced, I repeat not forced to evacuate the ship! In fact probably half stayed on as we did.

    The Captain contained the outbreak extremely well and as long as everybody washed their hands well there was no further problems as far as we were concerned.


  2. fudge

    just got back from this cruise. the ship wasnt evacuated in cadiz.

  3. bee-bee

    3 in our party contracted norovirus on Independence of Seas 2nd June 3-day sailing Southampton-Le Havre.
    Anyone else with norovirus symptoms during or 1-2 days after that cruise?