UPDATE MONDAY: Just a quick update on the situation. The passengers spent last night at a local hotel having been unable to continue on their voyage. They will then be shuttled to Bergen or Oslo for flights back home. As for the MS Deutschland, she will now sail for Bergen, Norway for inspection and any repairs to be made. There is no word on future cruises as the total damage needs to be assessed.

UPDATE: We have photos!

(From bt.no)

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These three from bt.no


320x[1] From (Dagbladet.no)

German tour operator, Peter Deilmann Cruises ship the MS Deutschland suffered a fire while docked in port. The vessel was calling on the scenic Norwegian Fjord town of Eidfjorden on the west coast of Norway. The fire is said to have been contained to only a machine room and never entered passenger areas. With 607 people onboard, that was a good thing. Never-the-less, with safety always in mind, the ship was fully evacuated and rescue officials assisted the ships crew in extinguishing the blaze.

Rescue services spokesman Per Fjeld says the fire started in the machine room and firefighters have now contained it to that area. He says the ship was carrying 364 passengers, 241 crew members and two Norwegian ship pilots when it caught fire at a port in  on Sunday. (AP)

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