Confirmed: Crewmember missing from Oasis. A 45 year old member from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was first discovered to be missing and then confirmed to have gone overboard (probably through the ships surveillance cameras). The ship will now sail a modified itinerary after transferring the search to the U.S. Coast Guard.


UPDATE TUESDAY MORNING: Still no official confirmation. Just a lot of chatter around the net. Although, it is said that the ship is supposed to be docked in St. Thomas today, yet the webcam shows her at sea so this story must have some truth to it.



I’ll check back in tomorrow morning and see if there have been any developments.

UPDATE 11:13pm: Found that it may have been a male crewmember. Capt Trym Selvag then announced that the ship will stay at sea and search. She is supposed to call on St. Thomas tomorrow. No word on the status on that situation.


This news is just breaking and still in a rumor stage. It has been reported that either a passenger or crewmember has been reported as missing. The ship then turned around began searching for him/her. Will post as I get the details.