Earlier today the Norwegian Dawn lost power. She was on the last leg of a  9-Night cruise from Miami when the ship went silent. Initial reports from the ship was that everything was lost. The propulsion, lights, air condition, and toilets.

The Norwegian Dawn was off the coast of Puerto Rico while sailing from St. Kitts back to Miami. The U.S. Coast Guard in San Juan was notified about the ships situation and they sent several helicopters just as a precautionary measure. The seas were calm so the motionless ship was in no real danger. The power outage lasted from 9am to 1pm. After they got the power back and the ship started back, it lost power again. This time the outage was a lot shorter. The the power was quickly restored the second time, they decided to divert the ship to Puerto Rico. It is said that NCL is helping arrange transportation for passengers that wish to disembark there. This may impact the future cruise leaving Sunday.

If I hear anything else, I’ll post, so stay tuned.



Norwegian Dream sailing from New York in 2006

Source (Miami Herald)