Today was a big day in terms of Oasis publicity. Probably the biggest. It was officially opened to media, travel agents, and invited guests(think diamond+). It all kicked off yesterday when invited guests were allowed to board for an over night trip. One of them was Chris (Cruiserccl) from CruiseNotes. He has filled up his site with a lot of media especially his video reports from the ship. His videos can be found here.

This morning, Good Morning America sent two correspondents to the ship to report from there. I got up early to watch this and did a play-by-play of their broadcast.

After Good Morning America wrapped up, she arrived back in port.

Here is her track from this morning.

oasis track

You can get the sense that I wasn’t too pleased by their lack of coverage of the event. After watching how CruiseCritic handled their introduction of the vessel, I wouldn’t have needed to wake up early.

This afternoon she embarked additional media, travel agents, and invited guests. Cruise Critic was among those that were there. Their Editor in Chief, Carolyn Spencer Brown, and Managing Editor Melissa Paloti held a live walkthrough this afternoon. This was streamed live over the wifi on the ship. Its nice to see people in the industry finally use the internet for things like this. Very web 2.0ish!

In case you missed it, I have included it below. Its just over an hour long. If you have the time its worth a watch but like I said its an hour. An hour of them walking around the windjamer, central park, and boardwalk. But they do a thorough job of it.

Part One (49 Minutes)

Part 2 (5 Minutes)

2 Responses

  1. Costa Marcos

    Hi, congratulations on your new domain – looks great. Though you seem to have become ‘Oasis crazed’ 😉 I noticed that you included a map (I guess from in this post – any chance of an AISy post, something along the lines of what is AIS, which (IYHO) is the best AIS site, and some easy tips on how to use it. (Since they all seem to be v complicated to navigate).

    • Greg

      Thank you Costa Marcos. I do agree completely with you that I have become centered around Oasis. My thinking is; try going to another cruise industry site and finding info not about Oasis! But realistically, its bringing the most traffic. Give it a week and it’ll die down. I will post a piece about your recommended topic of AIS within the next week. Stay tuned!