So this is how much I love cruise ships. So it 7:05 am here in TX and its Friday which means I don’t have any classes today. Mornings like these, I usually sleep in. Not today! Now I have to sit through morning talk show news….

I’ll update with any neat info they say.

UPDATE: Ok. Just to be clear, Good Morning America will not be broadcasting live from the ship. They have two correspondents on location there as Oasis is off the coast of Florida, probably not moving. I would have assumed that they were going to what they did on the Today Show in 2006.Even though in 2006 they stayed pretty much in New York Harbor, the entire cast was on the ship.

UPDATE 7:17 am:  And the Oasis segment is beginning.

UPDATE 7:18 am:Hey he just said “Galveston”! were getting some heavy rains today.

UPDATE 7:35 am: They showed AquaTheater for 2 SECONDS and that’s it. The waiting is excruciating!

UPDATE 7:40 am: Showing Central Park and all its newly installed plants. And Sam Champion just called the Bridge the control room where the captain is. Next is boardwalk.

UPDATE 7:45 am:  Rising Tide Bar with the Captain! And now its their Oasis segment.

UPDATE 7:48 am: That was completely uninformative. Then again they are not targeting us (those that know a thing or two about cruising). Their goal is to expose her to those that have never seen a ship before. Also enjoying their corny choice of music for intro and outros.

UPDATE 8:01 am: Back in Central Park and the Sports Zone showing off the zip line. I like the intro for the hour where they mentioned cooking turkey and they showed someone pouring bleach into a measuring cup. Yikes!

UPDATE 8:08 am: Back on deck and @SamChampion just walked Deck 15 (Sports and pools). It took 14 minutes to circumnavigate it! wow!

UPDATE 8:18 am: @SamChampion trying out the Flowrider.

UPDATE 8:20 am: Ok this is great. The female correspondent just yelled off of her balcony to other ships in Port Everglades “Our ship is bigger than your ship!” Get this, it was at the Enchantment of the Seas (obviously another RCI ship). Of course only a ship geek would notice that! And she just took quite the spill on the flowrider.

UPDATE 8:36 am: @SamChampion is on the rock climbing wall doing the weather update. He was getting all spun around. Pretty funny!

UPDATE 8:46 am: AquaTheater Time. Does it look small to anyone?

UPDATE 8:53 am: Pretty good job on Aquatheater. They keep showing the same clip of Oasis arriving in in Port Everglades for the first time.

UPDATE 9:00 am CST: Is that it? Totally thought there was another hour! This will be the last update. I’ll post my recap on Oasis’s appearance on Good Morning America latter on today. Make sure to check back for that. Time to check out other news of the day. Thank you to all who are up this morning following the event with us.

As always I welcome your opinion. What did you think of the Good Morning America coverage onboard the ship?

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