After a couple years of seeing the Oasis of the Seas dominate the town’s skyline, the residents of Turku, Finland say goodbye to the worlds largest cruise ship. Leaving this morning on her way to a temporary stop in England, the ship is sailing with a skeleton crew and several hundred workers. After the stop in England, its off to the United States where she will dominate the skyline in Fort Lauderdale for years to come.

See photos of the Oasis leaving Turku:

Oasis of the Seas

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  1. Gordon Peterson

    It’s kinda hard to call a crew of more than 2000 aboard Oasis a “skeleton crew”…! Virtually the entire crew is already aboard and training for the full transatlantic crossing.

    Tracking the ship’s position now, and hoping to see her on the port Webcam when she arrives on the 11th… and also, hopefully, when she comes up the Solent on Monday!