UPDATE 4:56 pm: Oasis will anchor in the Solent, the waterway to Southampton, and will not dock at all in Southampton. What most likely will happen, is a ferry will meet the ship at anchor, embark the 300 crew and depart. The ship will raise anchor and sail off to Florida.


I updated my Oasis schedule which has the amended sailing under the Great Belt Bridge in Denmark–now scheduled for saturday night– oh and there a stop in Southampton England now! You heard right. Here are the latest details,

  • Oasis will sail into Southampton on Monday November 2nd.
  • Only for ‘several’ hours.
  • Labeled a ‘service stop’ by RCI.
  • The purpose is to disembark around 300 workers who are finished and don’t need to be on for the transatlantic crossing.

If I come across anymore details I’ll let everyone know.