Sad sight for any ocean liner enthusiast. MidShipCentury and MaritimeMatters’ Peter Knego confirms the sad sight of the Regal Empress¬†(Built 1953, ex. Olympia, Caribe, Caribe I, Regal Empress) now beached in Alang, India awaiting the torches of a scrapper. The photo is from 3 days ago.

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  1. James Wight

    Sad day, I knew the end was near for the Egal Empress. It is sad because this was the first ship I ever sailed on, that was the 1959 Christmas cruise out of New York. I was all of 11 years old one of the ports was Cuba, we did not go ashore this was when Castro was coming to power. I travel a few times aboard her to 7-days cruise and a 3 times out of Florida as The Regal Empress. I have many fine pictures in my mind of her. Currently I have the wallpaper on my work PC a picture of Regal Empress in Ft. Lauderdale.