Jim Walker, from Cruise Law News, is never shy about calling out cruise lines. As a professional maritime plaintiffs lawyer, its his job after all. If you frequent his blog, you’ll see what I mean.

Today he put up a post saying the following about his law firms stance on the Carnival Triumph:

We made a decision not to be involved in any lawsuits against Carnival in this case. Yes, many people were inconvenienced but most sustained no physical injury and certainly nothing permanent.

I find it surprising and quite moderate that he would take such a stance. No offense to lawyers, but usually if they smell blood, they’ll attack. Smart move Jim!

His article goes on to talk about a lawsuit filed (in Dallas of all places) on behalf of several Triumph passengers. I find it quite appalling that some lawyers out there actually think they A) can sue Carnival over the Triumph; B) Can sue Carnival in Dallas (which they’ll lose in a summary judgment over forum selection which HAS to be Miami) or C) based on what breach of any maritime law did occur on triumph that they stand to sue over?