ANALYSIS: Third Oasis Renderings

Yesterday, STX France quietly release the first two images of the the unnamed third Oasis ship. She will be identical in size to Oasis and Allure and is set fro delivery from the French yard in mid-2016.

Two features jump right out to me. The first is the slightly modified Solarium. If you look at the top forward most part of the vessel, you see several decks of glass and white metal arches that run across the width of the ship. This is a slight departure from how it’s arranged on Oasis and Allure. Here’s a fantastic view of how it currently is. Without any more detailed renderings, its pure conjecture at this point if they will change anything in the Solarium area. Perhaps they will just enlarge it. The white arches do play a defining element in it though. 

The second feature in the rendering is from the first photo.  Just behind the radar mast there appears to the several water slides. Royal has always had their water sports area with the flow riders. Perhaps they see the enormous area thats prominent on NCL’s Breakaway and Getaway. Disney also has the aquaduck that extends over the side of the ship, and so does MSC I beleive. It’s not like the Oasis class doesn’t have enough selling points with the seven neighborhoods. They pretty much have the most of any ship. However, this can appeal even more so to families, so perhaps thats the route they are going. The other question is: Where will they put this. Here’s how the current space is on the Allure. They already have an, albeit incredibly small, waterpark. The slides appear just after the top-most sun decks in the render. I’m positive there will be some rearranging of the lido areas, but is there enough space on one side of the split-superstructure for it?