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Thank you for stopping by CruiseInd. The idea started back in March 2009 as a simple wordpress.com website. I just used it as a place to post images of newbuilds. Then I started going more in-depth with following along with newbuilds. I then expanded it to news and through my connections, I’ve been able to break some Royal Caribbean stories: (Oasis’ aerostat, her original prototype mockups, a drydock incident), an NCL one (Norwegian Breakaway’s Waterfront) as well as a Carnival Corp. one (P&O changes livery), to name a few. From then on, CruiseInd has grown in popularity. Since we went to our CruiseInd ‘dot com’ in November 2009 millions of people have visited from 150 countries/territories.

The idea behind CruiseInd is to inform but also to teach our readers something. Some of my articles can get pretty technical. For example, here’s a post I did all on ‘duck tails’ (those extensions you see on the back of ships) or an exploration of the Passenger Vessel Services Act.

About Me

I currently work in the maritime industry as a marine safety engineer. This allows me to provide you with unique insight and knowledge not found anywhere else. (NOTE: While I find some of our products on passenger ships, I do not have any contact or communication with the cruise lines themselves.)  In my spare time, I normally spend hours studying and learning about the cruises, cruise ships, and anything else maritime related.

I currently reside in Houston, TX, but spend a decent amount on the road throughout the US and Europe.

CruiseInd has been cited as a reliable source on Wikipedia, TravelPulse, and USA Today’s CruiseLog. I’ve also written in the past for CrusieNotes, CruisersConnect, and CruiseCurrents.

Feel free to contact me by any of the methods listed. I like hearing from my readers. Let me know any comments, critique or criticism you have (or if you just want to tell me I’m wrong).

Thank’s again for stopping by.


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