CIN has an update on the bunker (fuel) salvage operation:

The Concordia Emergency Commissioner’s Office and Costa Crociere have announced that the pumping of fuel from the Costa Concordia has been continuing around the clock since 5 pm on Feb. 12, in accordance with the plan devised by the Neri/Smit Salvage team.

From the time defueling began until 7 am on Feb. 17, a total of 952  cubic meters of fuel had been pumped out of 4 tanks located in the forward part of the ship.

A total of 1,428 cubic meters of fuel is still to be removed from 13 tanks, of which 576 cubic meters are in the forward part of the ship. According to the schedule drawn up by the Neri/Smit Salvage experts, if the sea and weather conditions remain favorable, all of the fuel still on board the Concordia should be extracted within three working weeks.

Costa said that since the outset its priorities have been to guarantee maximum safety, the least possible environmental impact and protection of the environment of Giglio and the island’s tourism industry, while carrying out defueling within a reasonable length of time.

Both the defueling procedure and the other operations scheduled on the Concordia are being conducted jointly with full cooperation between Costa Crociere and the Concordia Emergency Commissioner’s Office.